By Florin Bobu

With regards to the activity of Mister Blok

[...the incredible stacks of objects are brought in front of his audiences...]

 [In the manner of a smarty-pants-young lad, happily working his socks off,] 

...placed in front of an intricate geometry problem,  Mr. Blok begins methodically.

The opening movements,  especially the way  these are being developed – instantly delimit

the relevant questions but also the given premises. The speed and simplicity bring 

a deep sense of urgency to the given situation.

In Brief:

As actions unfold with the rhythm of necessity, there is a moment of enlightment. 

Right now, Mr Blok and his audiences benefit from a comprehensive view that would 

unquestionably lead to one or maybe several  brilliant solutions.  

To a certain extent, the intentions of Mister Blok end up here. 

Bluntly, he brings up the idea, so many times even the conviction,  that the problem 

in question - if not solved – is very likely to come to a close.

Soon, Blok himself and the audience around him idle away.

further developments in the demonstration [„hey! we've got chocolate too!”]

(„maar wij hebben ook chocolade”!)  

Sometimes a deadlock in the development of the methodical demonstration – often 

as a result of an extravagant impulse to deviate towards the peripheries of geometry –

Mr. Blok’s demonstration stiffens, causing confusion. For a couple of  moments everything  

becomes – maybe – silent ,  just enough to cast around the shadow of doubt : 

will I ever come to an end – Blok asks - ? Will Mr. Blok be able to finish?

On such an occasion, Mr. Blok invariably continues with an auxiliary construction that seems to evolve out of pure despair. He makes his way admirably out,  mainly because he acts upon his environment with unexpected maturity. At this stage, Blok can no longer be confronted by any difficulties with the construction he has just proposed. The initial sense of urgency disappears. Furthermore, his either natural or highly artificial gestures appear to only follow the direction and sense of necessity.  


The concluding figure – intricated for the one that did not follow its development – reveals another breaking point: the solution is again just a simple formality.  Now Mr. Blok shows no remorse in exhibiting the conclusion. 

Blok bows out and simply disappears. 

Geometry remains – primarily – a pleasant activity. 

Florin Bobu

August 2008,

Stoy, Montenegro 

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