Selection of works:

The Egg                                                                                    duration 00:00:22   


A mechanical object with a "slammer" seems to try to stuff the egg that the artist is holding in his mouth further in. After a couple of slams it still does not succeed. The artist spits out the egg, starts coughing and it seems that the young man is about to throw up. 

Bottled                                                                                         duration 00:00:27     


The artist sits facing the viewer. Two bottles enter the screen. One from the left and one from the right. This happens above the artist's head. The bottles interfere, touch each other and the artist reacts but nothing happens. In the second scene two bottles enter the screen again. They break on impact and scatter above the artist's head. 

Three Attempts To Break True                                                     duration 00:00:36


You see two tables with a cardboard box in between. The artist tries to work his way up through the box with no success. In the second scene there appears to be an incision made in the box so that now the artist can make his way up through the box, thus breaking the box in two. In the third scene he managed to bring his head through the box with help of several incisions. The video fades out.

Three attempts to set my shirt on fire                                         duration 00:00:00


While the camera is turned on you see the artist walking away from the camera towards the center of the image. He reaches his pocket to then take out a matchbox. He lights a match and brings it to his sweater at chest height. The match burns till an end while nothing happens. Two more attempts in different clothing are made without the success of being able to actually set anything but the match on fire. 

Killer                                                                                          duration 00:01:55


A silent environment appears. The artist walks from the horizon towards the viewer. He is wearing an overall and carries an axe. The snow makes walking extremely difficult and so it takes a while before he ends up close to the viewer. Then he stops in front of some small twigs, which stick out from the snowy landscape. He makes a statement about being an chainsaw murderer and not a sailor. He is apologizing to himself, then steps on the twigs and continues his way out of the screen. You now only see the trace he left behind. 

The Duke                                                                                    duration 00:01:55


The artist crosses a bridge with attributes. The viewer follows him as the image zooms out. Cars are passing by. Grotesque music plays along. In the second scene you have a closer view at the artist on a small hill site. He blows a horn. A voice speaks as he moves down the hill site. His physical actions go along with the voice, as if he is the one that speaks. It seems he is telling something. About a sheep, a horse and a boot. Then you watch the sky filled with clouds.

untitled (hover)                                                                        duration 00:05:21                                                                              


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